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Updates from the Volunteer Committee with Irene Doo + Planning Your Season with Marcia Kulak

Volunteer Committee member Irene Doo joins us on the USEA Podcast this week to discuss the jump judge instructional videos that were released last fall, and Marcia Kulak is back with a segment on planning your upcoming season.

In 2017, the Volunteer Committee was awarded an educational grant from the USEA to produce training videos for jump judge volunteers. The videos were released in the fall of 2018 and are available for free through the USEA website

Doo also outlines some of the goals the Volunteer Committee will be working on during the coming year. The Volunteer Committee was awarded funds to continue to produce instructional videos for other volunteer positions. The budget will allow for 2-3 new videos a year, and the Committee is in the process of selecting which positions to create videos for this year - stewards and bit check are high on the list. The Volunteer Committee is also working on producing a Volunteer Coordinator Guide with instructions and resources for volunteer coordinators. Finally, the Volunteer Committee hopes to continue to move forward with plans for a Volunteer Rewards Program.

In the last edition of the USEA Podcast, Marcia Kulak discussed putting together your team - everyone from your trainer, vet, and farrier on down to your horse's bodyworker and saddle fitter - to set yourself and your horse up for success for the upcoming season. In this week's episode, Kulak delves into the importance of mental and physical preparations and how to incorporate those preparations into your schedule for the upcoming season. She stresses the importance of setting realistic, attainable goals for your season. 

Safety First with Rusty Lowe + Better Management for Better Results with Marcia Kulak

This week, on the first episode of the USEA Podcast in 2019, we are joined by retired Fire and EMS Captain Rusty Lowe, who volunteers his time at many events as Safety Coordinator, and Marcia Kulak, an upper-level event rider with over 25 years of international competitive experience.

While there have been many advancements in the safety technology of equipment such as helmets and protective vests and safety protocols for competitions are stronger than ever, are you prepared for an emergency at home? Lowe's focus is on educating people about the different types of safety equipment and training are available so that they are able to provide potentially life-saving aid in the event of an emergency outside of a competition setting. Lowe covers topics including the different types of training that are available, the first steps you can take towards emergency preparedness, and putting together your own plan in case of emergencies.

The start of the new year is a great time to set goals and make plans for the coming year, and that's exactly what Kulak covers in this first segment of her educational series. Sitting down and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the past year is an excellent way to carve out goals for the coming year, and Kulak's first piece of advice for accomplishing those goals is to assemble your team - everyone from your trainer, vet, and farrier to your saddle fitter and equine dentist plays a crucial role in the success of you and your horse. Putting a good team together and establishing strong lines of communication is essential for creating comprehensive ways to help your horse be as happy and healthy as possible, and Kulak shares her wisdom on the different ways to do this.

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