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#302: The Gang’s All Here

Nicole Brown catches up with Max Corcoran, Diarm Byrne, and Rob Burke for the first time in 2022 to talk about safety, the upcoming ICP Symposium, the 2022 five-star season and so much more in this week's episode of the USEA podcast. 

#301: The USEA Eventing Handbook of the Levels

The USEA Eventing Handbook by the Levels is an educational tool that was developed over the course of two years and is loaded with materials and resources targeted for all levels of eventing professionals, instructors, and coaches.

Nicole Brown is joined by ICP committee member, Handbook Subcommittee Chair, and Level IV ICP Instructor Jennifer Rousseau and ICP committee member and a Level V ICP Instructor David O’Connor to find out the inspiration for the handbook, the passion and expertise behind it's creation, and the legacy they hope that it will bring the sport.

#300: Greatest Hits Show

USEA Official Podcast Host Nicole Brown and USEA CEO Rob Burk celebrate 300 podcast episodes by taking a walk down memory lane from the last nine years of episode. Listen to clips of some of our favorite episodes over the year including the great guests of David O'Connor, Jim Wofford, Phillip Dutton, Oliver Townend, Sinead Maynard, and Ian Stark! Here's to 300 more episodes!  

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