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#289: Tokyo Reaction Show

Nicole is joined by EquiRatings' Diarm Byrne to look back on a brilliant Tokyo Olympics. From stories on the winners to the US effort and momentum into the World Games next year this show is sure to help prolong the Tokyo excitement!

#288: Team Talk - Tokyo Special

Erik Duvander and Jenni Autry are back on the show to give us an insight into Team USA's final preparations for the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

From the prep run at Great Meadow, quarantine in Aachen and the travel plans for Tokyo this is a great insight as excitement builds. 

We have loved following the US Team's journey to Tokyo and a big thank you to Erik and Jenni for sharing it with us, you can listen back to all other Team Talk shows on the USEA Podcast too.

#287: Running Away To The Circus

Farrier Beck Ratte joins Nicole Brown to look back on an extraordinary career, from learning her trade as a farrier and what running away to the circus is actually like.

Available now for free across all podcast platforms.

#286: Event Prep With Max

Max Corcoran, President of the USEA & 5* event groom joins Nicole. Talking all things from preparations & time management tips to specific top level grooming insights. Max shares her wealth of experience with us, reflecting on knowing your horse is the most important factor when considering all elements of equine management.

#285: Fitness To Fit In

Tony Sandoval, aka Coach Sando, joins Nicole to take a look at how you can fit your fitness into busy competition life.

#284: Intercollegiate Championships Preview

As we build up to the Intercollegiate Championships being held at Virginia Horse Trials Nicole is joined by Leslie Threlkeld and Jackie Le Mastus to talk all things intercollegiate eventing.

#283: Setting up for XC Success

Irish international event rider and WEG silver medallist joins Nicole on this week's show to look at the best ways to set yourself up for a successful cross-country performance.

From training at home, walking the course, building confidence levels and what to do when things don't go to plan this is a must-listen show.

Tune in? We'd love for you to tag us as you listen @useventing.  

#282: Team Talk - The Kentucky Debrief

Nicole is joined by Erik Duvander and Jenni Autry for a reaction on all of the weekend's action at Kentucky Three Day Event.

From the combinations who impressed, areas to work on and what happens next as we count down to Tokyo, this is an honest and insightful behind the scenes account as we follow the US Eventing Team to the Olympic Games.

#281: Giddy Over Kentucky

Nicole, Diarm, Rob, & Max look back on their favorite Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event memories as part of the build-up to this year's event. Max gives us an insight into what it is like behind the scenes, Diarm crunches the EquiRatings numbers, Rob backs a U.S. winner, and Nicole finds out what a corn dog is!

#280: Top Grooms, Top Tips#2

In the latest 'Top Grooms, Top Tips' show Nicole is once again joined by Max Corcoran, Emma Ford, and Alex Van Tuyll who will be answering your questions. From their must-have products, pet peeves, keeping the greys clean, sensitive skin, quarter markers and much more.

Get prepped for the season ahead with plenty of great ideas from the best in the business.

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